The odd bit

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is an enemy action.

The odd bit - Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is an enemy action.

Regular expression datatype v2.3

Just a quick note to mention that a new version of my regular expression datatype has been uploaded to its contribution page. Version 2.3 “fixes” the issue I mentioned in my previous post on the subject. Two additional things have also been changed, namely:

  • Changed: Shortened object-level error messages
  • Fixed: Undefined variable used in helper function

It’s also available in the community SVN repository for those who always want the latest version.

Regular Expression Datatype: Planned Update

A recent comment to my regexp datatype contribution reminded me of an irritating shortcoming in eZ publish. It’s not possible for datatypes to send error messages back into the class edit. It’s only implemented on the object level for some bizarre and obscure reason.

I plan to incorporate class-level error messages in the next release of the datatype (expect the release soonish) but it’s a real shame that this shortcoming has survived 8 releases so far.

But for now, back to C# 😉

STS-121: Launch Time – Take 3

Yesterday’s crack in the external tank’s foam and the subsequent foam loss has been cleared by the Mission Management Team and Discovery has been given the green light for today’s launch countdown.

The weather is looking good with only a 20% chance of weather prohibiting a launch. If everything is “go” this will be the first shuttle launch on Independence Day. The launch should happen around 20:38 CET.

Update: Things continue to go well for the shuttle, but there’s one thing to watch. The sea breeze causes cross winds at the runway. The runway is used in case a return-to-launch-site abort is issued. Speed limits for crosswinds to guarantee a safe landing are set at 15 knots and the wind keeps flirting with the limit. An average speed will be calculated later on.

There was also an issue with a back-up circuit breaker. It controls the primary heaters on the segment joints of both SRBs. The “Red Team” was going to head down to the mobile launcher platform to replace the failed circuit breaker, but the launch team decided to fly in the current condition. There is no problem flying with just the main circuit breaker functioning.

We’re now at T-9 minutes and holding for another 31 minutes.

Update 2: The wind issues are gone according to Mission Control in Houston. All team members have been polled and we are counting again!

There may be an unscheduled hold at T-31 seconds to allow the LOX (liquid oxygen) inlet temperatures to drop to normal levels. The temperatures are slightly higher than the past few days and they need to be right in order to start the engines.

We’re now at T-5 minutes and counting.

Update 3: And what a smooth ride it was! Not a single problem during liftoff and ascent. It has completed main engine cut-off (MECO) and external tank separation is complete. Two astronauts will now take footage of the external tank and downlink it later in the flight for analysis.

I did not notice the T-31 seconds hold so I assume it did not happen. Discovery is in space!

STS-121: News Update

NASA has released a status update saying a crack was found in the foam near a bracket on the external tank. The bracket holds the liquid oxygen feedline in place. The mission management team (MMT) will discuss the issue and decide what, if anything, should happen.

LOX Feedline Bracket

Update: The MMT will continue to analyse all available data to make a final decision regarding tomorrow’s launch. For more info, use the status update link above.

European World Champion

We’re 8 days from the final of World Cup 2006, but there’s one certainty: the new World Champion will be a European country.

The quarter finals sure had a surprising outcome for me as I expected Argentina to play the final. But Germany got past them despite trailing 0-1 early in the second half. An equaliser in the 80th minute and a penalty shootout eliminated a great team. And France put an end to Brazil’s road to the final with a 1-0 victory. An early end for an awful playing Brazilian team.

That leaves us with these four teams: Italy, Germany, Portugal and France. My bet for the final? Italy versus Portugal.

STS-121: Launch time

We’re roughly an hour before the scheduled lift-off of space shuttle Discovery. You can follow the launch on NASA‘s site. Weather is still an issue so a final go/no-go decision has yet to be made.

Update: T-9 minutes and holding; 20 minutes before launch… Weather status is still “no-go”.

Update 2: T-9 minutes and holding; 6 minutes before launch… Everything is “go” except the weather station which reports “no-go” because of anvil clouds. The launch team will continue to use the launch window and make use of spare 5 minutes.

Update 3: Launch scrubbed! The weather is not good. There are anvil clouds within 20 miles of the Shuttle Landing Facility which also serves as the Abort Landing Site. Another attempt to launch will be made tomorrow. Preferred launch time is 3:26 PM.