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The odd bit - Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is an enemy action.

Recommend me a 24 inch monitor

I’m looking for a 24″ monitor, but I just can’t find the one. I’ve been reading tons of reviews during the past few days and that has made things even more complicated.

On one side there are the TN panels. While I’ve been very happy with my current monitor (Iiyama AS4314UT) I can’t get rid of the impression that recent TN panels have a lower quality. The monitors at work seem to confirm that suspicion. The 24″ TN panels currently do not have response time correction (RTC) as can be seen from the specified 5ms response time. The result is that the 5ms as specified by the manufacturer is the most optimistic scenario (black-white-black). Gray-to-gray response times are pathetic.

On the other hand there are the *VA panels. While they should be superior to TNs in terms of image quality, they also have disadvantages. They do have hardware RTC but that hardware can also produce errors (read: it guessed wrong and a pixel gets the wrong colour). Depending on how severe the miss is, you will either see it or not. I haven’t found any monitor yet where you won’t see some errors. The biggest downside of these monitors is the price: they are effing expensive.

There are also S-IPS panels, but their price jumps off the scale.

I’m starting to think it’s still too early for a 24″ screen and that the market is still in the starting blocks. On the other hand I’d like to be proven wrong because I love the space on 1920×1200 screens. So if you have any idea, please leave it in the comments.

PS: Keep in mind that I’m in Belgium so we don’t have the abundance that e.g. Germany has. Example: I’ve heard of Iolair monitors, but I still have to come across a shop that actually sells them.

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  • crazyea says:

    If you can afford go for a 30″ if these are your main concern. Apparently most 30″, ie Dell, have been shown to be almost flawless.

    8 August 2008 at 01:04
  • Hans Melis says:

    The prices are outrageous here in Belgium. To give you an idea, the Samsung 2493HM retails around 370 Euro. A non-TN screen (if you happen to find one here) comes with a price tag of at least 600 Euro.

    19 August 2008 at 09:25
  • Shervin says:

    I recommend the TN panel from Gateway (FHD2400) because it can be found for a reasonable price these days (549 release price can now be found for 420 in USA). The monitor is a TN panel and with most TN panels you get pretty poor view angles. I recommend this monitor simply because how easy/effective it is to calibrate it. Lots of options and a great range of inputs. I use my gateway as an HDTV (HDMI) and as a monitor. “If you couldn’t calibrate this monitor so effectively and easily, we would be a little harder on it for its mediocre color response. But you can, and it’s loaded with features, so we love it.” Quote from Extremetech.
    If you can find it for a good price (compared to the competition) then I suggest picking one up.

    30 October 2008 at 17:21

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